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Raptoreum has been listed on P2B

Raptoreum has been listed on P2B

12 Dec 2022

RTM is available for trading on our exchange.
🔸Trading pair: RTM/USDT 

Raptoreum is a powerful, flexible, and secure Anti ASIC/FPGA POW (Proof Of Work) blockchain and asset platform that will soon feature NFT/NFTS, Smart Contracts, with futures already live at protocol level. The RTM project differs from others in the fact that it is developing its contracts in common programming languages such as Java & Python which could unite the majority of the world’s developers in blockchain, as opposed to other chains using Solidity and others. Ghostrider, Raptoreum’s own CPU mineable switching algorithm, has given the RTM coin number 1 spot in the battle against other popular CPU mineable coins such as Monero. 

Learn more about the project:

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