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P2B Announces New Reward System Release—Holding Competition

P2B Announces New Reward System Release—Holding Competition

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23 Jun 2023
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The P2B exchange hurries up to announce the release of the new reward system for users. On June 22, it implemented Holding competition instead of Trading competition. This new reward system will drastically enhance the crypto projects’ liquidity and allow reaching a new level in the crypto market. 

What reward principle Holding competition uses

Trading competition is a system that rewards users for trading volumes. The P2B team realized that it was not an excellent reward system since users could throw up a huge number of tokens gotten at the airdrop stage and win the competition for this. Moreover, users have often bought around 100 tokens and re-sold them several times to enhance the trading volume.

The Holding competition uses another principle. While participating in the Holding competition, a user is rewarded for holding tokens in their account and gets a profit without additional manipulations. The longer a user holds tokens in their account, the more reward they get. This newly-implemented principle enables getting a passive income without effort. 

Therefore, P2B motivates users to buy and hold tokens in their accounts, positively impacting the project’s liquidity.

How to count the reward points for participating in the competition?

To count the total sum of the reward points, a user must add all the Holding points for all the days of participating in the competition: 

Х1 + Х2 + Х3 + … + Xn,

X1 is the minimum number of tokens a user holds on the first day of the competition, X2 is the minimum number of tokens a user holds on the second day, etc.

The minimum number of tokens is tokens a user holds in their account despite selling the remaining tokens. 


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