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Online—Earn Money Just Being Online

Online—Earn Money Just Being Online

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22 Sep 2023
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About the project

Online is a blockchain-based platform with in-app gamification enabling users to earn money online. Today, millions of people live online, spending much time on the Internet, including watching YouTube videos, scrolling Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, working, online meetings, listening to music, and playing games. All you need to do is do what you have been doing previously. For this, you need a phone and to be online. 


The project aims to build an online platform allowing users to boost their economy without changing their lifestyles. The project’s team will achieve this by designing mechanisms, an app, tokenomics, and a wallet, creating an entire working ecosystem on zKSync Era. 

Long story short

 The team started to implement an idea in December 2022, the peak p2e season. The project’s idea was born when the project’s team observed that every p2e project got the same complaints and shared the same faith in the end. The main problem of these projects was inflation because of rewards that were given out when mass users couldn’t keep up with the demand that only came from newcomers. 

$ONLINE token utility

  1. Online to earn: users can download Onlinebase app and get a profit by just using it in the background. The system will calculate a reward daily as long as their mobile screen is on. 
  2. Halving and dynamic distribution. To protect the token from inflation, the team has implemented the distribution system. This means that rewards will be split up equally regardless of how many users use the app daily. 
  3. Stake to play. To have massive demand, Onlinebase is developing a based luck games system providing the possibility to earn up to 5000x. To join the game, users need to obtain tokens. However, they can’t purchase tokens only by staking $ONLINE. The amount of coins users get from stake depends on how long they choose to lock.
  4. Wonline is an in-app currency allowing users to interact with the platform conveniently. Users can easily convert their in-app currency to $ONLINE using the dedicated $ONLINE web wallet. This integration enhances accessibility and provides a seamless experience for users within the Onlinebase ecosystem.
  5. Fees. Onlinebase has implemented fees on each transaction in the application, including converting and withdrawing rewards.
  6. Fixed Supply. The supply of $ONLINE tokens is fixed, ensuring scarcity and the potential long-term value appreciation for token holders.
  7. Deflationary. With all key features combined, $ONLINE is set to be a deflationary token. Deflationary tokens are a form of digital currency or token that have a built-in mechanism to decrease their total supply over time.

Project’s uniqueness

The project’s uniqueness is designing easy-to-use blockchain-based solutions that provide users with additional income without the effort and necessity to purchase expensive NFT. The project’s audience is mass users. The project achieved mass downloads on the first day of the app’s launch at the Play Store, demonstrating the high-level success of the breakthrough project. 

The project offers a p2e inflation solution, coming up with a game that can give huge rewards until 5000x and is based on luck games, meaning the rewards are coming from the treasury. It balances the rate of winning 1 < and > 1. The only way to play the game is by staking the token. There will be a huge demand for tokens if the project pushes adoption effectively.

Next steps

Q3, 2023

In Q3, 2023, the project is releasing the app, wallet launch, and Raffle system. In addition, community events and listing at the P2B exchange are launched. 

Q4, 2023

In Q4, 2023, the team will launch staking features and hold community events. Moreover, dynamic NFTs Unitility will be updated. The $ONLINE token will be listed on another CEX. 

Online IEO and listing

Online IEO will be held on Sep 22, 2023. $ONLINE token will be listed on P2B 24 hours after sales end. 

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