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Projects Overview What is Manga Token?

What is Manga Token?

11 Jun 2022
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Manga token is a unique coin recently launched, which shows great promise. Moreover, Manga is a cryptocurrency with the meaning and mission to develop the culture of digital manga worldwide. Being in the wallets of anime and manga fans, it provides them access to top-notch content — the latest titles for free and unique NFT tokens from gurus like Goseki Kojima and Yuji Kaida (Godzilla’s artist) on without a fee! And the manga collection is constantly updated with new titles and famous authors.

Manga coin is Only Part of The Ecosystem

Manga chain is a full-value cryptocurrency project, which in addition to reading manga provides its stakeholders with a wide range of activities, including those that increase their financial status. $Manga stakeholders can also encourage favorite mangakas to produce more great content, vote for favorite titles, get rewarded with manga NFTs, and invest in related Manga NFT projects. 

Manga Trading

The token is currently available on platforms such as Pancakeswap to buy and sell. Just type Manga in the search line cryptocurrency resources mentioned above or click the direct links to currency pairs in our website menu ‘buy $MANGA’. You also can find up-to-date information about Manga coin on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Bscsan, and Ethrescan. 


The Manga founders also created a launchpad to find investors and develop projects related to the Manga environment faster and more efficiently. In addition to trading, all coin owners will be able to participate, starting with Initial DEX Offering and all subsequent stages, and in the end, all proper benefits.

Manga Transforms Advertisement Into The Art

First of all, the project is dedicated to creating and reading manga, so everyone who has purchased the Manga coin will be able to read manga without any in-manga advertisement. Instead, all advertising will be seamlessly woven into the narrative, which in no way detracts from the process. On the contrary, this approach will help make the ads part of the art.

Rent of Manga Collectibles

Also, Manga chain provides an exclusive opportunity to ‘rent’ digital assets from other users. So, for example, you can borrow a manga asset and get a small amount of Manga coins in return.

Few Words about Manga’s Founders

Manga coin’s founders are a friendly team of professionals in various IT industries, particularly blockchain architecture. The Manga leadership is CEO Elvin Li and CFO Young Shin. Each of them has an impressive track record in business and technical expertise. But most importantly, they sincerely love manga and anime. When people love their progeny and work hard, success is guaranteed.


To summarize this brief review, Manga coin is the non-standard, even unique, project with its history and philosophy. It’s still too early to guess, but the project is worth you adding it to your favorites on Coinmarketcap just in case. If you’re an anime and manga lover, this is a must-have.

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