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Kii has been listed on P2B

Kii has been listed on P2B

30 Nov 2022

KII is available for trading on our exchange.
🔸Trading pairs: KII/USDT, KII/ETH, KII/BTC

Kii is the transactional utility token at the root of NuID’s decentralized Nu Identity Ecosystem, which enables user-owned & user-controlled digital identity. NuID aims to return data agency to individuals through this ecosystem. Join the ecosystem when you own Kii, which will provide portable, frictionless, secure management and verification of digital identities. Kii will initially be issued as an ERC20 token before migrating to the KiiChain ledger in the future. Kii will pay the cost of credential registration on a public blockchain, pay for use of NulD’s existing trustless authentication solution backed by zero-knowledge proofs, and pay for future identity use-cases within the ecosystem. 

Learn more about the project:
🔸Kii token website:

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