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Business Insights How to Keep Your Coin Listed on Crypto Exchanges

How to Keep Your Coin Listed on Crypto Exchanges

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15 Apr 2022
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How to Keep Your Coin Listed on Crypto Exchanges

Now that your shiny new crypto coin has been listed on an exchange — or, even better, on several exchanges — you have approached a crucial moment. Your coin is only halfway to success, and you need to continuously prove to investors that your coin is backed by an actively evolving, promising project, and that it has liquidity and demand in the market. As you can see, it’s not the best time to relax.

What can go wrong at this point?

If the coin is new and largely unknown, people will not be buying it immediately. Every potential investor will explore the website of your project. Some will study the documentation. Only after that, they might make a decision about buying. And if you don’t keep them interested with compelling promotion in the wake of listing, the coin will not sell. The whole listing campaign might not pay off.

Moreover, exchanges reserve the right to remove coins with small trade volumes. Even if your project progresses well and your developers work hard, absence of demand might kill the coin — and delisting deals a huge blow to the reputation of a project.

How do you prevent all this? Well, make sure you take care of the following.

1. Propel your coin’s growth with market making

Market making, which provides initial trade volumes and liquidity, is a must over the first couple of months after listing. It aims to deliver gradual growth for your coin, fill the order book, reduce spread and stabilize its price. Taken together, it makes your coin more compelling for traders and potential investors.

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In order to save your time and efforts, some exchanges — including P2B — deliver market making services in their listing packages.

2. Continue your advertising campaign

It is not enough to attract attention once, or you’ll be quickly forgotten. The coin must be constantly in the public eye, and your efforts will help natural trading gradually replace market making.

The least you can do is obviously keep your existing community updated on the news regarding your own project as well as the world of crypto in general. And when it comes to attracting new investors, besides your advertising campaign, you can contribute sponsored posts to a variety of crypto-related resources — starting with the exchanges that listed your coin. In addition, you can always entice people by airdropping your tokens or distributing them as part of a bounty campaign.

3. Stimulate practical application of your product

What makes technology valuable is its practical application. That’s why startups struggle to launch their product as soon as it is ready to solve the problems of the target audience. This typically begins with MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is a major milestone for any startup and a solid proof that their project is successfully evolving.

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And if your project goes through its earliest stages and cannot boast an MVP that can actually be tried out, you still can prepare and showcase your marketing materials and a white paper detailing the practical use of your project in general and your tokens in particular.

4. Keep your investors in the loop

Facilitate your community at all times. First and foremost, we’re talking about your investors and subscribers. These are the people that are most interested in the growth of your project. There will be no problem with holding their attention as long as you care to share valuable information with them. And don’t forget about exclusive bonuses to pique their interest and motivate trading, either.

5. Make every update a big event

Last year, Vitalik Buterin announced that a new scaling technology, Sharding, would be implemented for the Ethereum network. The idea was to divide the blockchain into several branches during the periods of high traffic. Each branch would be connected to the main network and would contain complete information about the transactions of specific users. After the announcement, the price of ETH rose and its trade volumes increased. This is a perfect example of how to work with updates, highlighting the actual value they hold for end users.

You can also make every update a big event for everyone involved. Even if you multiply the efficiency of your network by 4, it will make no impact if you fail to “sell” this update to the audience. They should constantly see that your project is actively evolving and shows both promise and progress with each day — which can turn out to be a good impetus for trading and investing.

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