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How to Deposit Funds on P2B?

How to Deposit Funds on P2B?

16 May 2022
how to deposit funds on the p2pb2b

The deposit feature is available for verified accounts only. The point is P2B aims to be the best crypto exchange for immediate deposit, so it carries out its data security. Before you add funds to your account, you should verify your account and protect it with Google Authenticator, and Anti-Phishing Code.

  1. Firstly, go to the Wallet Menu and click on the add funds tab. Choose a currency from the drop-down menu.
    deposit on p2pb2b

  2. Now you can see the wallet address that you should copy and insert in the outside wallet, Metamask or TronLink as an example, to transfer funds.
    DEPOSIT from wallet
  3. Then, choose the desired token and its amount.
  4. Enter the password to confirm the transaction.


Please note: 

  • Some currencies have a minimal amount of deposits. You may check it before proceed to transaction. 
  • It is important to send your funds to the exact wallet address sending it to the wrong address may lead to its loss.
  • Pay attention to ERC-20 tokens. Do not send tokens to the smart contract address, but only to exchange wallet addresses.
  • Some cryptocurrencies require a deposit fee. It’s the blockchain net commission, so you may not avoid it. Learn more about commissions from the Schedule Fee page.
  • Deposit may take some time, so wait a few minutes until the transaction is completed. If any concern occurs, feel free to contact the Support Team.

After your funds appear in your main account, transfer them to trade one and enjoy trading with the P2B exchange.

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