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European Blockchain Convention 2023, hold on! P2B is coming!

European Blockchain Convention 2023, hold on! P2B is coming!

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13 Feb 2023
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Haven’t you missed real-life communication already? We’re excited to announce that our delegation will attend the European Blockchain Convention 2023. We plan to make many new contacts, meet other exchanges, and share insights from our latest newly listed projects research for the second half of 2022.

Meet us at the Exhibition area, or anywhere where active networking will occur!

Our delegation will be saturated with trading and business experts, brand ambassadors, sales team representatives, and listing experts, so you’ll find someone to have a good talk with, no matter how you are related to crypto.

Also, we plan to come with our partners: PromoJ and LiquidLines, the most promising startups in the crypto projects’ promotion and advanced liquidity services, accordingly. You’ll have a chance to meet their founders and key players, and they surely will be happy to present their services and tools to you.

So, pack your suitcase! The weather promises to be marvelous, and see you all in blockchain-fevered Barcelona!

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