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Coinbond Created to Provide Support, Control and Build a Community

Coinbond Created to Provide Support, Control and Build a Community

07 Sep 2022

What is Coinbond?

Coinbond Token, which aims to be an ecosystem of Metaverse, NFT and virtual gaming, is shaping a universe of projects for investors, ready to be discovered, unique and built entirely by its users. The Coinbond token opens the door of the Metaverse to its investors with the game it creates, aiming to connect the worlds that live in the Metaverse universe with the tech companies it will discover.

Coinbond is a decentralized crypto platform, that provides various financial services based on:

  • Blockchain technology, 
  • Staking, 
  • NFT, 
  • P2E, 
  • Metaverse, 
  • Web3.0 user experience in the crypto scene. 

The first project of Coinbond is the Coinbond Token (CBD) which is a Binance Smart Chain powered BEP-20 utility token that can be used as an alternative of Bitcoin.

Why Coinbond?

Modern civilization finds new expressions on Web3 through art, games, entertainment, and NFT activities. The possibilities for the cultural impact of blockchain are so great that it is impossible to predict them all. Coinbond is a token created to provide more support, control and build a community. It will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives to drive culture in the Metaverse.

Coinbond’s systems

The Coinbond ecosystem connects various encrypted financial services with P2E, S2E and NFT, Meraverse, and Web3.0. It strives to build a sustainable ecosystem in which users are rewarded for their contributions in the form of providing liquidity, which will increase the value of the ecosystem. Coinbond tokens or CBD as the primary medium of exchange or reward. 

What are the ways to use CBD token:

  • Technical skills – based on our blockchain technology expertise, we provide high-performance services and remain competitive in the blockchain industry.
  • High reliability – we ensure high reliability for our users through trusted partnerships and enhanced security
  • Use CBD Every day – we will continue to expand our ecosystem through new partnerships to establish the daily use of CBD across various online/offline services.
  • Staking – Coinbond allows staking, which allows passive income on the platform: you get more Coinbond by staking. It’s also the only way to get the precious gems and catalysts needed to create assets.
  • Trend Outlook – we stay at the forefront of the industry by keeping pace with emerging and cutting-edge technology trends.
  • Earn to play games – items or tokens earned in Coinbond-related games will be available to trade with other items and even to exchange for crypto assets.
  • Earn by collecting NFT – we plan to help global users trade items or brain tokens from various services (P2E, S2E), or create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) using user-created content.

Full user control

Coinbond is a virtual reality platform powered by Binance’s smart chain (BEP20). Users can enjoy various installations together and monetize content and applications on a single platform. The coinbond platform is owned in perpetuity by the community, giving them full control over their creations. Users claim ownership of their virtual artwork on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels.

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