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CH4U has been listed on P2B

CH4U has been listed on P2B

17 Jan 2024
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About Charity for Ukraine (CH4U) project


When a community or organization leads a charitable initiative, we see a unique fusion of spiritual values with practical assistance. Unlike businesses, whose primary goal is profit, the Charity for Ukraine (CH4U) Team operates from a profound belief in serving others and pursuing the common good. Charitable support reflects not just immediate aid, but also a long-term commitment to transforming the lives of those in need. When you support the CH4U project, you are participating in a mission rooted in love and compassion.


Help to those in need in Ukraine will be delivered in cooperation with TeofiPolskie Serce Foundation, created by Nataliia Izdebska ( – former deputy of Irpin city council and Roman Babak, as well as a Polish businessman. The Foundation is based in Warsaw and its activities are spread throughout Poland and Ukraine. TeofiPolskie Serce was created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians, on the 28th February 2022, with the main goal of сomprehensive and heartly support to the citizens of Ukraine and persons of Ukrainian origin in their physical, material and emotional needs. The Foundation’s humanitarian aid is provided in several projects and extends to the entire territory of Ukraine, especially to the eastern regions, which need the most support.


The adoption of the new Coin for Ukrainian aid not only introduces a contemporary and efficient way to mobilize and allocate funds (the Coin is accessible to anyone, anywhere), but also enhances transparency and traceability (donors know that every contribution goes directly to the intended relief activities and reaches those most affected by the crisis in Ukraine).


Through global exchanges and market access, CH4U has the potential to resonate with a worldwide donor community and uphold many crucial causes, making the fundraising process simpler, more comprehensive, transparent, efficient and effective.


Additionally, by introducing Ukraine-dedicated NFTs, CH4U team ensures that Ukraine’s message of resilience, unity and hope is amplified, touching and transforming lives even in the digital age.

The CH4U NFTs are now available on the platform Rarible under the below link:

CH4U creates a new path for contributions and support towards the Ukrainian relief and reconstruction efforts. Through the P2B cryptocurrency exchange and its extensive market reach, we stand to make a significant impact and rally a vast global community behind Ukraine’s cause.

Be a part of our mission and unite for the greater good of Ukraine!


Key challenges to humanitarian aid in Ukraine and the approach used by CH4U

While there have been significant contributions and efforts towards aiding Ukraine, the challenges primarily revolve around insufficient funding and the urgent need for international support to address the rising humanitarian needs.


The key to success will be transparency and assurance that the funds raised through the CH4U Coin and NFTs are genuinely utilized for the described purposes. Introducing new technologies into traditional charitable forms can bring about innovation in humanitarian aid, and it can be done in the following way:


Global aid for Ukraine

By introducing a Ukraine-dedicated Coin, supporters from around the globe can seamlessly contribute to Ukraine’s aid. This eliminates the hurdles of traditional currency exchanges and banking limitations often faced in international relief efforts.


Transparency in donations

Through the blockchain technology inherent to cryptocurrency, every donation made towards Ukraine’s relief can be transparently tracked. This ensures that every contribution is directly channeled to its intended purpose, fostering trust among donors.


Empowerment initiatives in Ukraine

The CH4U Coin can facilitate programs where Ukrainian citizens earn cryptocurrency by engaging in community rebuilding activities, educational programs or other beneficial endeavors. Earnings can be utilized within the community, exchanged for essential services or converted, nurturing a self-sustaining ecosystem.


Bridging generational engagement

By integrating cutting-edge technology into relief efforts, a connection is established with younger, tech-forward audiences. This fosters a broader, more inclusive community of supporters for Ukraine’s cause. In launching the CH4U Coin, the objective extends beyond mere financial support. It’s about bolstering Ukraine during its time of need and echoing the global community’s solidarity. The CH4U Coin symbolizes a collective commitment to aid Ukraine, leveraging technology to ensure resources are effectively allocated to empower its citizens, rebuild communities and provide essential services.


NFTs Empowering Change

In its progressive approach, CH4U harnesses the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a cutting-edge tool, authenticated via blockchain technology. The advantages of utilizing NFTs within the project are manifold, offering unique benefits that drive innovative endeavors.


Distinctive Digital Assets

CH4U NFTs serve as distinctive digital assets, each with a unique identity and ownership verification, ensuring transparency and security through blockchain technology.


Humanitarian Fundraising

Recognizing the potential of NFTs, CH4U employs them for Humanitarian Fundraising. Auctioning Ukraine-dedicated NFTs, the Non-Fungible Tokens become a powerful avenue to raise significant funds. The generated revenue is channeled directly to support relief efforts in Ukraine, providing essential aid to those affected by the ongoing situation.


Educational Outreach

Beyond traditional art-related applications, CH4U NFTs are harnessed for Educational Outreach. They transform into digital certificates or badges for educational events. Acquiring Ukraine-dedicated NFTs grants exclusive access to specialized content, courses or events, fostering awareness and understanding of the Ukrainian crisis. This approach mobilizes more individuals towards the cause, utilizing modern technology to promote education and awareness.


Blending Technology and Tradition

In essence, CH4U’s use of NFTs represents a harmonious blend of modern technology and traditional values. This innovative approach allows the community to amplify its impact in the humanitarian mission for Ukraine, leveraging the unique features of NFTs to create a positive and transformative effect.



The CH4U listing will be launched on the P2B exchange on Jan 31, 2024.

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