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ATLC will be listed on P2B

ATLC will be listed on P2B

02 Feb 2024
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About project

The Atlantis project, operating under the umbrella of the revolutionary sea steading concept, is poised to transform the crypto world with its unique cryptocurrency, Atlantis Coin (ATLC). Atlantis will own cruise ships and host crypto conventions on them as well as eventual permanent living spaces at sea. The forecast for the crypto services market is going to more than double to near 12 Billion dollars within the next 5-6 years and Atlantis will be at the forefront!


This decentralized community, Atlantis City, envisions an independent living space in international waters, challenging the conventional norms of nation-states! 


Enroll in the Pre-Sale Giveaway Contest now where 20 wallets will win 50,000 ATLC coins. In addition, the first 100 people to purchase $1,000 USDT or more of ATLC coins on P2B launchpad will be air-dropped 50,000 additional coins each. Unlocking the Future: Gleam Contest – Countdown to P2B Launchpad with Atlantis Coin (ATLC)!



Atlantis’s primary mission is to establish a decentralized living space, Atlantis City, within 3-5 years. The project is driven by a commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and shared success. The Treasury system provides citizens with loans to start businesses, fostering an environment of collective growth. ATLC holders are rewarded through a program that ensures everyone benefits from the project’s prosperity.


Challenges to solve

Interested participants can invest in Atlantis by acquiring ATLC coins during the public sale. The limited production of 1 billion ATLC coins ensures scarcity and value appreciation. Half of these coins are secured in the treasury in Stablecoin, guaranteeing a sustainable trajectory for the project. The remaining 500 million coins are strategically sold, providing investors with an opportunity to be part of the sea steading revolution.

Investors and enthusiasts alike can actively participate in shaping the future of Atlantis by acquiring ATLC coins. This not only grants ownership in the cryptocurrency but also a stake in the revolutionary vision of sea steading.


The unique breakdown of the token sale ensures a purposeful allocation of funds, driving the project towards its ambitious goals.

Atlantis aims to redefine community living with ATLC as a key driver. The aggressive timeline includes the purchase of the first cruise ship within the inaugural year, showcasing the decentralized governance system through cryptocurrency events.


By year three, Atlantis City, with themed islands, cruise ships, and floating docks, promises to be a paradigm shift in how people perceive living spaces and vacation destinations.


Approach used by Core Token

ATLC is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a vehicle for redefining community living. Token-holders become part of an ambitious journey that transcends traditional boundaries.


By owning ATLC, individuals contribute to the realization of Atlantis City, a visionary project set to change the way we live, vacation, and interact with our surroundings on the water.

Embrace the opportunity to be part of Atlantis’s vision by acquiring ATLC coins. Whether you seek investment opportunities, a unique lifestyle, or a stake in the sea steading revolution, Atlantis invites you to join the wave and be a part of this extraordinary journey.


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