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MVP coin

Fully independent decentralized payment systems have become the culmination point of digital currencies' development. This means that neither authorities nor financial regulators have power over these cryptocurrencies, which virtually are numbers denoting the settlement unit data. According to various sources, there are about 3,000 altcoins today, MVP being one of the most promising ones. In this article, P2B experts will provide you with more information about this token.

MVP Profile

MVP is just another altcoin, but it stands out from the mass. Expert Co., Ltd., the developer company, positions this cryptocurrency as a utility token created for providing access to services related to tourism and travel. The fact is that the token was developed in Thailand — a well-known and commonly recognized tourist mecca. The local developers felt that the country really needed a decentralized platform for the tourism industry's development, capable of digitizing natural assets and the industry itself using smart contract and blockchain technologies. And they have apparently succeeded — today, one can not only exchange, sell, or buy MVP coin for the purpose of investing or speculation but also make use of the digital token as an alternative means of payment.

MVP coin

MVP COIN - Thailand’s First Travel Service Token

Decentralized system
A fully decentralized system — all data is stored in the blockchain and is not accessible to third parties.
Ease of use
Ease of use. With MPV, you can pay for everything you need in Thailand in one click — and it's just as easy to purchase the coins.
Ratings of companies
Each user has access to a unified channel of comprehensive services, ratings of companies and sellers, as well as reviews from real clients.
High liquidity
High liquidity. More than 5,000 counterparties in Thailand recognize MPV, and their number is constantly growing.
The real benefit
The real benefit. The token allows one to pay for goods and services in Thailand with a discount of up to 33% of the cost and without currency conversion fees.
Good growth prospects
Good growth prospects. Analysts predict the value growth, along with the expansion of the scope of the token's application and an increase in the number of users.

The Things to Spend MVP On

The project's scale is also indicated by the fact that the developers have implemented a whole ecosystem with MVP is an integral part. So, today one can pay with the tokens for the following things:

  • rent of the most popular transport types in Thailand: cars, electric cars, mopeds;
  • services related to the use of transport, both rented and own;
  • accommodation in hotels, villas, campsites, and other rental properties;
  • visiting service sector establishments — cafes, restaurants, massage parlors, hairdressers, gyms, etc.;
  • purchase of essential goods, electronics, household appliances — the catalog of the available products has almost everything one needs for a comfortable life;
  • purchase of land plots both for business purposes and the construction of private housing.

services for MVP

Vehicle rental services for MVP can be found in almost all the country's tourist centers. Consumer goods for the token are mainly available only in Bangkok, but the scope of its application is constantly expanding.

MVP: Facts and Figures

The key facts are as follows:

  • Market capitalization — 4 872 291,88 USD.
  • Average daily trading volume — 990 000+ USD.
  • Current value — 0,0059 USD.
  • The number of counterparties recognizing the coin — 5 200+.

The total offer is 700,000,000 tokens, of which almost 40% went on pre-sale, 30% were sent for listing, 10% were left to the management team, in reserve, and for marketing needs, and 1% were provided to long-established clients.

A Platform to Profitably Sell, Exchange, or Buy MVP

P2B is among the top 12 largest platforms according to CER, but this is not the only argument in favor of choosing the exchange — there are other equally significant ones:

  • 3 years of faultless work;
  • 200+ crypto currencies in the catalog;
  • 95% of the coins are stored in cold wallets;
  • favorable terms of transactions with MPV;
  • works 24/7;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • loyalty programs.

The exchange provides an unprecedented high security level and features a user-friendly interface that makes interaction with the platform not only safe and profitable but also comfortable.


The Terms of The P2B Referral Program

The program has been implemented and has been successfully functioning on the exchange for more than three years. Its main purpose is to attract new users. They must register using a referral link and use the platform's functionality to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies, including MPV. For this, a referrer receives up to 15% of the total turnover of his or her referral, without restrictions on the number of users attracted. The reward is calculated in the currency of a referral transaction and is paid on the last days of each month.