Hyper Inu ecosystem

Computer games, including their online variations, can be not only interesting or exciting but also beneficial. And we are talking not about ephemeral benefits, but about something quite specific, that is, material. You can earn money on games; moreover, do it with pleasure. The Hyper Inu ecosystem that has its own cryptocurrency proves this fact. In this article, P2PB2B experts will tell you everything that a potential investor, professional player, and ordinary user needs to know about this token

Profile HPE

Hyper is a gaming platform that combines many games by playing which gamers can earn real money. These include strategies, shooters, rpg games, logic and economic games. The Hyper ecosystem combines a number of services (Hyper Swap, Hyper CEX) for fast, secure, and comfortable transactions and has its own cryptocurrency - Hyper Inu that you can not only buy but also earn. The platform allows users to earn money by playing their favorite games, as well as convert, save, multiply, and withdraw tokens. The fully decentralized Hyper Wallet greatly improves the security and usability of cryptocurrencies. The wallet supports Ethereum, Binance Mainnet, and Testnet coins.

Hyper Inu ecosystem

Token Features

Earn money by playing
The opportunity to earn money by playing your favorite games. The project opens up fantastic prospects for earning
The presence of the Binance BEP-20 protocol in the code guarantees the impossibility of hacking and unauthorized access
Complete decentralization
All transactions made within the system are carried out exclusively between counterparties, without the involvement of intermediaries and regulators
Identification is not required for transactions, so users can remain incognito
High liquidity
Tokens are accepted by the majority of top gaming platforms. And in some months, their number will increase greatly
Capitalization HPE
Bright investment prospects. Experts predict a systematic increase in Hyper Inu cost and a significant rise in capitalization

HPE created on Binance BEP-20 protocol

Hyper Inu, the stock ticker of which is HPE, was created as a utility token with an open, permanent, and immutable contract. It was developed using the most advanced blockchain technologies, based on the Binance BEP-20 protocol. In total, it is planned to issue 75,000,000,000,000 tokens that will be distributed as follows:

  • marketing events — 7%;
  • project founders and team — 16%;
  • free sale — 40%.

10% of the total amount of tokens will be sent to the reserve fund, and 27% will be burned to maintain liquidity.

Hyper Inu HPE

Hyper Inu Perspectives for Development

The roadmap for the development of the project assumes an increase in the market capitalization of Hyper Inu to $100,000,000 as early as Q3 2022. This means that investors who invest in tokens will receive enormous benefits. Consider for yourself, the presale cost of the coin is only $0.000000047. After the capitalization of the project reaches the first goal, this figure will increase by 25-30 times according to the most conservative estimates. Listing on CMC and CoinGecko, which are also on the project roadmap, will also contribute to the growth of the token price. This means that now, it is the time to buy Hyper Inu; it will be a good investment anyway.


Hyper Inu on P2PB2B: Buy and Exchange Profitably

P2PB2B is one of the most suitable platforms for making any transactions with the Hyper Inu (HPE) cryptocurrency token in both directions. And here is why:

  • 4 years of impeccable work;
  • is in the TOP-12 largest crypto platforms in the world;
  • favorable conditions for the purchase/sale/exchange;
  • a responsive interface, ease of use, and user orientation;
  • 200+ cryptos are available for the purchase and exchange;
  • 95% of tokens are stored in “cold” wallets;
  • 24/7 work without breaks and days off;
  • responsive technical support;
  • truly favorable loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs provided by the exchange should be considered in more detail with its referral deserving special attention. So, by attracting referrals, you can receive up to 15% of the turnover of their funds on the exchange in the same currency in which transactions were made. By doing this once, you will receive absolutely passive income during the whole period when people who registered using your link use the services of the cryptocurrency exchange. This is marketing at its best. The number of referrals is not limited, which means that the referrer's income is not limited either. It is unlikely that you will be able to find more favorable conditions. Money is paid once a month and is available for withdrawal without any restrictions.